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The annual report for the foundmental research of the inflammation caused by the interaction between viruses and cells
责任者:吴建国; 李琦涵; 曹诚; 陈帅; 徐志凯
报告摘要:  传染病是严重危害人类健康的疾病,70%以上的传染病是由病毒感染引起的,开展传染病基础研究是国家战略发展的重大需求。病毒感染导致宿主的炎症反应是机体对病毒的一种防御机制,也是伴随多种疾病状态的一种共有的病理现象。一方面炎症反应具有限制感染及修复损伤的作用,另一方面,过度的炎症反应会导致组织与器官的损伤,严重时可危及生命。目前,由于对炎症反应的精确调控机制还缺乏了解,已经成为病毒学研究领域的重大科学问题。 研究选择部分在我国流行的重要病毒为研究对象,系统开展病毒感染导致的炎症反应规律的研究工作,围绕“病毒和宿主细胞编码的基因产物及非编码RNA对炎症反应的调控机制”开展研究工作。 执行两年以来,研究组紧密围绕计划任务书中研究内容与任务进行,在确定病毒感染导致表观细胞遗传修饰变化及其在炎症发生发展中的作用、明确病毒感染导致炎症的关键因子及信号通路的相互作用及相关的分子机制等方面开展了大量研究工作并取得阶段性进展和突破,为最终构建病毒感染导致炎症的作用网络模型奠定良好基础。
  Since the epidemic diseases, 70% of which are caused by viral infection, are serious dangers to health, the fundamental research of epidemic diseases is in great need according to the national development strategy. The inflammatory response is a kind of defense mechanism to the viral infection by host and a common pathology along with many diseases. On one hand, the inflammation contributes to the infection restriction and wound healing; on the other hand, excessive inflammation leads to the injury of tissues and organs, or even death. The inflammation has become a key issue in the field of virus research for the lack of insight into the subtle regulatory mechanism in inflammatory response. We chose some important viruses spreading across China for the research target, and systematically carried out this project, aiming at the pattern of the inflammatory response caused by viral infection, in order to reveal the regulatory mechanism in the inflammatory response by non-coding RNAs or the gene products of viruses and host cells. In the past two years, our group sticked to the research content and research mission mentioned in the planning assignment, and created a good foundation for the final model construction of the inflammatory network caused by viral infection with a lot of researches and many periodic progress and breakthrough in several aspects, such as the confirmation of cellular epigenetic modification caused by viral infection and its role in the progression of inflammation, the elucidation of the interaction between key factors and signal pathways involved in inflammation caused by viral infection and of the relative molecular mechanisms. In the first two years of this project, many research achievements with significance and application value were made, which serve as a good foundation for the following three years of this project, and a research team with appropriate structure and good working condition was formed.


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