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Peritoneal adhesion: it can be life-threatening, and life-saving
Jiun-Chi Huang; Jer-Ming Chang; Fu Ou-Yang; Fang-Jung Yu; Tsung-Kun Yang; Szu-Chia Chen
BMC Nephrology,13,1(2012-09-19)



The inevitable post-inflammatory fibrosis and adhesion often compromises future treatment in peritoneal dialysis patients. Here, we describe a patient who experienced an unusual form of peritoneal adhesion that made her give up peritoneal dialysis. However, its unique pattern also saved her from infection caused by bowel perforation.

Case presentation

The female patient discontinued peritoneal dialysis due to gradual dialysis inadequacy. Two months after shifting to hemodialysis with generally improved sense of well-being and no sign of abdominal illness, she was admitted to remove the Tenckhoff catheter. The procedure was smooth, but fever and abdominal pain not at the site of operation developed the next day. Abdominal ultrasound showed the presence of ascites and aspiration revealed slimy, green-yellowish pus that gave a negative result on bacterial culture. Abdominal computed tomography (CT) with oral contrast medium was performed, but failed to demonstrate the suspected bowel perforation. The examination, however, did show accumulation of pus inside the abdomen but outside the peritoneal cavity. We drained the pus with two 14-F Pig-tail catheters and the total amount of drainage approached 4000 ml. The second CT was performed with double dose of the contrast medium and found a leak of the contrast from the jejunum. She then received laparotomy and had the perforation site closed.


In summary, this uremic patient suffered from pus accumulation inside her abdomen without obvious systemic toxic effect. The bowel perforation and pus formation might be caused by repeated peritonitis, but the peritoneal adhesion itself might also isolate her peritoneal cavity from the anticipated toxic injuries of bowel perforation.

关键词:Peritonitis, Encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis, Peritoneal adhesion, Ultrafiltration failure, Peritoneal dialysis

出版者:BioMed Central Ltd

推荐引用方式:Jiun-Chi Huang,Jer-Ming Chang,Fu Ou-Yang, et al. Peritoneal adhesion: it can be life-threatening, and life-saving[J]. BMC Nephrology,2012,13(1)

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